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Have you ever had one of THOSE days?

You know the kind I’m talking about.

The kind of day when you discover that the jeans that used to fit you perfectly now give you a muffin top?

Or the kind of day when all of your favorite customers (or clients), who are usually so friendly, get irritated by everything you say?

The kind of day when you discover that the guy you really, really like has a girlfriend (who, rumor has it, owns her own European castle)?

Basically, the kind of day when you need an escape from reality.

Usually, to comfort yourself, you might curl up on the sofa in your pajamas and devour a pint of coffee toffee ice cream while watching Bridget Jones’s Diary.

Except you’re trying to avoid eating ice cream because of the whole muffin-top-tight-jeans thing. Plus, you can’t find your Bridget Jones DVD. (And you refuse to rent it online because it’s silly to pay to watch a movie you already own.)

This is the perfect time to open up one of my novels.

Sweet and frothy, my romantic comedy novels are like a “zero-calorie treat” which will brighten your spirits and put a smile on your face.

They’re not dark. They’re not depressing. They’re not (gasp!) trying to be literary.

They’re fun and light…designed to make you temporarily forget about your problems. In them, you’ll find:

  • plucky heroines who get into hilarious escapades while pursuing the perfect boyfriend, perfect job, (or the perfect outfit)
  • heroes with alpha-male good looks, minus the possessive/aggressive personalities
  • an emphasis on falling and staying in love, rather than making it (these are sweet romances, remember?), and
  • a “Happily Ever After” ending proudly served on a silver platter

In other words, if you devour the latest book by Sophie Kinsella or Jill Mansell, you will love my “feel-good” chick lit…

…starting with my Psych & the City series–where sweet romance, LOL humor, and pop psychology collide!

Intrigued? Click on a cover image to learn more:

  • Triumphs and Travails of Talisman Turner (book cover)
  • Talisman Turner Minds the Gap (book cover)

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Enjoy your escape from reality,

Heart in a Book (with alterations) by Jane Rahman

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