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The Psych & the City series

If you love Richard Curtis romantic comedies (like Bridget Jones’s Diary and Love Actually) and/or if you’ve ever thought about dabbling in a psychology course, you’ll enjoy this series…where sweet romance, LOL humor, and pop psychology collide!

In a physical bookstore…

…these novels would be shelved in the same section as Sophie Kinsella, Jill Mansell, and other classic women’s fiction romance authors. Like those works, while the hero of this romantic comedy series is super-sexy, the novels themselves are sweet, not steamy.

The Triumphs and Travails of Talisman Turner

(Psych & the City #1)

Triumphs and Travails of Talisman Turner (book cover)

Talisman Turner has just been dumped.

It’s not her.

It’s not the guy.

It’s the Red Sox. *

Tali’s ex-boyfriend believes sacrificing their relationship will reverse the curse plaguing his beloved baseball team. Tali’s determined to reverse a curse too—the one haunting her pathetic love life.

And she’s betting on the psychological theories on attraction and relationships, which she studied in college, to do it.

But falling in love is not a science…

* Despite the baseball references, this novel is part of a romantic comedy series, not a sports saga!

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Talisman Turner Minds the Gap

(Psych & the City #2)

Talisman Turner Minds the Gap (book cover)

Perennially single Bostonian Talisman Turner has finally found the perfect boyfriend. Graham Salisbury has a) broad shoulders, b) a sexy British accent, c) blue-gray eyes (which, like Boston roads, are easy to get lost in), d) a generous spirit, and e) a sexy British accent. (Yep, this one bears repeating!)

But…Graham lives three thousand miles away. So, Tali packs up her dresses, her romantic comedy DVD collection, and her heart’s dreams for the future and moves to London–where, she discovers, you don’t need an ocean to create distance.

Secrets work just as well.

In desperation, Tali resorts to using her trusty psychological theories on love and attraction to help her cope with Graham’s past. Will they drive the wedge even deeper–or help her bridge the gap?

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