The Triumphs and Travails of Talisman Turner

Trimphs and Travails of Talisman Turner (book cover)

Psych & the City #1


Talisman Turner has just been dumped.

It’s not her.

It’s not the guy.

It’s the Red Sox. *

Tali’s ex-boyfriend believes sacrificing their relationship will reverse the curse plaguing his beloved baseball team. Tali’s determined to reverse a curse too—the one haunting her pathetic love life.

And she’s betting on the psychological theories on attraction and relationships, which she studied in college, to do it.

But falling in love is not a science…

* Despite the baseball references, this novel is part of a romantic comedy series, not a sports saga!

In a physical bookstore…

…this novel would be shelved in the same section as Sophie Kinsella, Jill Mansell, and other classic women’s fiction romance authors. Like those works, while the hero of this romantic comedy series is super-sexy, the novel itself is sweet, not steamy.

Here’s a brief taste of this “zero-calorie” treat:

Excerpt: How Talisman Turner Was Dumped for the Red Sox…

“You’ve never been this silent.” Doug swallows. “I want you to know it’s not you.” As I wait for Doug to tell me it’s really him, I count the number of fuzzy ducklings swimming behind their mother in the pond’s green water. One, two, three—

“It’s the Sox.”

Startled, I swivel to face him. “What?”

“I’ve been reading an article about miracles and sacrifices, so…I’m giving up monogamy. Hook-ups. Basically anything fun you can do with a girl.”

“You’re what?” I ask in disbelief as a skateboarder in a red cap and jean shorts crashes into a nearby garbage can.

“I’m giving up going all the way so that my team will go all the way,” he says with the pride of a bargain hunter who has found an original 2/55 quilted Chanel handbag with a metallic strap made in 1955, at a price so low, it’s clear the second-hand store selling it didn’t realize the bag’s value.

I poke Doug in the chest. “You can’t do that.” I poke him again. “That’s not going to work. It’s magical thinking.”

“I’m not trying to be the next Houdini.”

“I’m not talking about magic tricks, but magical thinking. It’s a phenomenon where people think they can affect grand changes in the world through their thoughts or actions, and I—”

“Don’t use your psychobabble on me.”

“It’s not psychobabble.”

“Tal. You basically told me that sexual chemistry is simply a matter of body odor.”

I button up my cargo-style jacket. While it protects me from the late spring breeze blowing through the Garden, unfortunately, it’s can’t protect me from the chill slowly enveloping my heart. “No, not BO, but the MHC theory.”

“Don’t try to convince me again that you’re attracted to me because of my armpits.”

Doug’s dismissive attitude stings, but I should expect it. He never appreciated the theory of attraction centered around MHC (Major Histocompatibility Complex) genes, one of my favorite theories I had learned about when studying psychology at college. In a nutshell, evolution created the world’s best matchmaker inside of your nose…

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